Technology is a blessing for my Tarot readings and it’s changed radically the way I do my interpretations. I do a card spread, then take a photo and upload it onto my iPad, where I write down notes and ideas that come to me. I can go back to the photo stored for further interpretation and pondering, whenever it suits me. It works amazingly well!

Amazing idea, I do that with bigger spreads – like my NY one, I used two decks and I didn’t feel like reading everything in one sitting, so I took a picture and it’s there to read whenever I want 🙂

By the way… what is that deck’s name? 🙂 That three of swords looks dreamy!

Thank you. That deck is The Frau Grand Duchess Tarot. It’s very beautiful, but also,ironic in a retro/kitsch kinda way. I find it good for everyday, mundane dilemmas. I call it the suburban tarot cards – you’ll see what I mean when you google it up!