Simple relationship check-up spread

So how is my relationship going? What am i doing right/wrong? – Many thanks and apologies for using a card spread I found on my feed last night. I’d love to credit the creator, but I lost her in a sea of other people’s posts. So thank you, anonymous card reader and creator of this spread, because it gave me much food for thought that I’d like to share.

I thought it looked like a good one to try, when people come to me wanting a quick “check up” of their romantic relationship, reassurance, or feel that something in their relationship is bugging them, but can’t put the finger on it.

I used the wonderful Science Tarot, a deck that interprets the cards’ meanings into natural phenomena and scientific finds. Let’s get started! 

Question: How is my relationship going?

I believe that the cards tell you what you already know, but can’t see because it’s to close and personal to see things clearly, or you simply, we don’t want to see. It doesn’t show anything that isn’t there )including, in my opinion, inevitable future outcomes). 

Card no. 1, the Querent, shows somebody who has a very active role in this relationship. They are full of ideas and often take the lead

Card no. 2, the Querent’s partner, tells me that this partner is very busy with work and that may not be giving them the chance to explore their relationship more. The Querent’s represented by the Knight of Swords also suggests that they are aware of it, and trying to find a solution to this. I suspect that the Querent’s partner, too busy with work, is not really aware of this. But the Querent can and will talk about this – the Knight of Swords is good at communication, and one of the few cards in the Suit o Swords, with a positive meaning: the gift of communication through and clear thinking.

The crunch, the lesson to pay attention to, is on cards nos. 3 & 4, there is the crunch. At first glance, the meanings seem reversed. But there is no room for mistakes in the Tarot: cards appear on a given place for a reason. The reason is normally to make you think and ponder!

Card no. 3, the Ten of Cups reversed, points at what the Querent is doing well. Odd, to get this card reversed. Remember how the Rider-Waite deck shows a family rejoicing in their safety and achievements, the beautiful children, the safe home, the feeling of “having made it”? So what is this card warning the Querent? My guess is that the Querent is succeeding, not without working at it, to see ans appreciate their relationship’s finer points, to accept what is good, despite perhaps an innate tendency to catastrophise, to have faith in the relationship despite the current situation where their partner’s busy life might be making them feel abandoned. I suggest to go back to the first card, the Knight of Swords, and don’t fear articulate these fears to their partner. The Querent has the gift of the word, use it.

Card no. 4 shows what the Querent MIGHT be doing not so well. The Six of Cups is a normally warm, reassuring card, meaning nostalgia, comfort ( I always think of comfort food); a return to the known and trusted; safety. This may indicate a fear of conflict, a difficulty to stir things up. It may be comfortable to endure a feeling of abandonment or neglect by telling oneself that they are being paranoid, but there is risk of silencing a legitimate nag. Also, by not talking and leaving things as they are, not stirring the pot, they may be mollycoddling their partner a little. The Six of Cups has a feeling of mollycoddling, spoiling or being too lenient. If it bothers you, say it: people aren’t going to read your mind (Tarot readers are there to do that 🙂 ).