The Tarot does not predict the future.

Always remember that you, not the cards create your own future. The Tarot is merely a vehicle to show you a picture of your life at a given moment. You decide what to do with the information. Nothing is written in stone and there isn’t such a thing as “fate”. These are all thoughts that absolve us of responsibility and in my opinion, the Tarot is there to take responsibility for your actions, and to improve yourself and your life. If you choose to.

The cards have a habit of showing possible future outcomes, they show us how things may pan out, based on your past and present situation and life choices. After all, we can’t change our past, but we have a lot to say about our future. The Tarot represents life like a path, it comes from the past and develops into the future – but it does not predict it. You are in the path, knowing what you left behind, but incapable of knowing what lies ahead, until you arrive in it.

By showing you your past and present circumstances, the people around you and how you deal with them, a Tarot reading gives you choices to make better, informed decisions; to reflect on past actions and to reassess your habits, the many unconscious decisions that we make without even thinking; to understand why you do what you do and how to shape your own life, your own limitations permitting. I am aware that our lives are limited by family commitments; by our finances; by mental issues, by all the things that make us human. 

I don’t believe in those who claim that we can achieve anything in life, if we put our mind to it: the real world affect all of us and it’s naive to think otherwise. We live within our circumstances, capabilities and limitations at any given moment. and this realisation can be overwhelming, but what I do believe, is that we can still do much more than we think and there are often people and untapped opportunities around us. A good Tarot reading might show you where help, support and choice is. It’s then up to you, to tap into it or not.

So a question along the lines of: “What’s going to happen to me in the future?” is not a great way to ask for advice. Such questions assume that the solution to your problems will come from the outside, without any input or effort on your part. They also assume, often, that you are solely responsible for your outcomes, and this may bring a sense of guilt, of not being good enough, deserving, etc. We all do all we can, within our limited circumstances. 

A Tarot reading may help you choose better options and improve your own relationship with yourself and others.It’s so much more rewarding when you ask: “How can I make my future better? “ “What changes can I introduce?” What/who can help me? “Is there anything/anyone I can’t see, but who represent help or support?”

Another problematic question that I don’t deal with, is when a querent asks on behalf of other people (consensually or not). The Tarot tells you about you and of course, the people in your life that have an influence in it: they always crop up in a reading if you should know about. But you can’t ask for a reading to find out about others. Like: “Does Xyz love me?” – The answer will always be about your relationship with this person, not theirs with you. In this sense, seeing your own hopes and fears, your dynamic with other people may prove very useful when deciding how to engage with them in the future. 

I hope this note doesn’t sound prescriptive, specially since I claim that the Tarot is not. So I hope that this guide to how to think of your questions and how to formulate them, is just a guideline to also, see your life as something evolving now, where your own agency and decisions are the thing that will really change or determine your future – not spooky oracles that claim to dictate your future – because the future isn’t written in stone, you are moulding it with the soft clay of your current and past actions!