I get so many inquiries for spreads that ask: “am I on the right career/relationship/life path? What do I need to leave behind? How would changing career/relationship/circumstances impact my life?

I used the traditional Bridge Spread and gave it the meanings that tend to come to me when I interpret a reading. I use my London underground map cloth, because it’s about giving directions, isn’t it?

The Tarot give us tools and tips to improve our lives, and these are to be found on the cards that show were we are going. I don’t believe, however, in destiny or that the cards show inevitable future events, only where our present and past actions could take us.

So on the left side:

I see forces or attitudes that are being left behind, but that still have an influence on our present; on the right side, how the past and present is weaving a future and the Querent’s power to take the future in the right direction.

Card no. 1 shows me the Querent’s present circumstances.

Card no 2. shows what the Querent has been doing;

Card no 3 shows the Change or Plan that the Querent is already working on it; In the middle.

On the right side of the spread:

I see future trends and developments.

Card no 5 shows how the Querent thinks their decisions or plans could change or improve their circumstances.

Card no. 6: how their actual circumstances and environment accept or reject their efforts;.

Card no. 7: What could come to them.

Card no. 8 is a little bonus card, revealing unseen things or giving one last bit of advice.

If you think that this spread is useful, let me know. Constructive criticism and suggestions are also welcome.