I found this on a facebook group I belong to. I found it intriguing because you had to use a dinner dish and rotate it anti-clockwise to do your interpretation: hence the name, la Rueda De La Vida – The Wheel Of Life.

I am planning to find a more inspiring plate on my next outing to a flea market, but for now, I used one of my dinner plates.

HOW? Ask your Querent to shuffle the deck. When done, place the deck in the middle of the plate and draw six cards, placing them around the sides of the plate, anti-clockwise.

Start by the card on top, then spin the plate anti-clockwise, one card at a time, so each card you read is always at the top. You may want to draw more cards for further information.

The six cards represent (from the top, anti-clockwise):

1. Home, family, the Querent’s immediate surrounding.
2. Work and career.
3. Love and relationships.
4. Friends, friendship.
5. Health.
6. Advice for the future.

It’s quite a unique, old fashioned way of reading the cards, and I’m thinking on designing other spreads, based on the idea of rotating or spinning the cards on a plate. It reminds me of women of other eras, getting together by the kitchen hearth and practising traditional forms of divination that involved household objects. It’s very witchy!