Being homebound with flu, I set to crop my very old Thoth Deck, because I’ve always found these cards huge for my hands. This was my first Tarot deck and I learned all the meanings from it, so I relate to its imagery very strongly. But they still felt physically cumbersome to shuffle. So armed with a large pair of scissors for straight edges, and a cheap 5mm corner punch from Amazon, I did the deed. I like the names given by Crowley to the Minors, so I left them untouched, but removed the unnecessary borders. Ideally, there would be no bands for words pr symbols, so, here is hope that, one day, somebody will publish a Thoth Deck without unnecessary framings or borders. The art is rich and complex enough and doesn’t need anything added to it The results are amazing: it shuffles effortlessly in my hands, and Lady Frieda Harris’ art looks fresher and sharper. This deck is 20 years old and some cards were dog-eared. Now they look as good as new again. I though of covering the backs with gold contact paper, which apparently works very well. The only reason is that I do reverse card readings, and I’d prefer not to know until I turn the card face up. But the artwork is beautiful, and it looks even better when cropped tighter, so I let them as they are. Also, being a deck I’ve been using for so long, I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to turn it into something that might feel unfamiliar with so many changes.