Been feeling very generous and inspired – my £10 email readings have consisted of at least two different card spreads and 1,400 words interpretation My Querent asked three distinct, important questions, so I gave her 3 card spreads to answer each one of them.

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TWU-T Chariot


Another lovely testimonial from a happy Querent. Being useful and offering some guidance, or if nothing else, the tarot’s uncanny talent for pointing at our life’s blind spots, is what I aspire to when doing a reading.

Braved the icy London cold and went to Clapton, to read for a friend at the cosy Princess of Wales pub. This being London, nobody batted an eyelid at two women stooping over a table, doing a tarot reading. As it should be. meanwhile, in the next room, a large group were holding a wake in very happy terms. I thought it a very good omen: people celebrating death with a cheerful vibe. Nice. 


The awesome Science Tarot, for the ungodly and heathen in us, intuitive, rational Tarot readers.

I’ve been using the Science Tarot for readings this week, and it truly resonates with me. I find the way it re-imagines the cards as scientific phenomena, incredibly evocative and helpful for my interpretations. Since we are all pearls of the Cosmos, its use of science as metaphor for human experience, makes a lot of sense. 


Last night, we held an informal 2016 Overview reading for friends. The beginning of the year is an ideal time to ask guidance form the cards. 

The question asked was: “what single issue should I focus on this year, that may be holding me back?”

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